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Credit Repair 1st is a premier Credit Repair firm designed help people achieve to financial freedom.

We pride ourselves in success and strive for perfection in each of our cases. We have the skills and experience to move you closer to true financial freedom.

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What We Do and Why it Works

Credit Repair 1st offers financial management services such as credit repair, credit consulting, debt negotiation and debt settlement. Our services are available to various clients from large corporations to individual consumers like yourself. Credit Repair 1st maintains a highly credible reputation by taking a realistic approach to repairing credit scores, diminishing large debt and establishing new credit.

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What Sets Credit Repair 1st Apart From The Rest?

The Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission, more commonly known as the FTC, is the United States' consumer protection agency; responsible for upholding and enforcing laws regarding consumer protection. In the U.S. alone, many fraudulent credit repair companies continue to leech onto corporations and consumers who are already troubled with debt. The FTC is well aware of these illegitimate credit repair businesses and has aimed a large percentage of its manpower into the ongoing investigation of these companies.

Beware of credit repair services that request fees in advance

Resulting from numerous investigations, the FTC has released many warnings to those seeking assistance with credit repair and debt management. Beware of any credit repair company asking for money paid in advance for legal fees, in the form of a down payment. At Credit Repair 1st, no fees are requested in advance to cover any charges from legal services; these fees will only be charged after each month’s work is delivered.

Beware of credit repair services that don't disclose your rights

Another known warning from the Federal Trade Commission about fraudulent credit repair companies is that credit repair businesses should always openly disclose consumer rights. Beware any company who fails to do so openly and freely. Credit Repair 1st simply offers credit repair advice to the consumers who want to leave their mess at the hands of the professionals. Every consumer possesses the right to try to repair their own bad credit or debt themselves.

Beware of companies that imply FTC endorsement

The Federal Trade Commission does not endorse, support or favor any credit repair businesses. In fact, the FTC doesn't endorse any business at all.

Consumers seeking a credit repair agency should do some very thorough research. If done properly, your investment will prove to be worth while.